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Important Changes for Telecommunication Industry in Washington

Good news for workers in the telecom industry: Washington State has taken strides to be a leader in protecting cell tower climbers, with the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) announcing strong, new health and safety regulations. Development has been Continue reading →

What is Vocational Retraining?

A significant impact of an on-the-job injury is how it can affect your ability to earn a living. If your injury prohibits you from returning to your original job or any jobs for which you have experience, you may be Continue reading →

The History of Veteran’s Day

On November 11, the United States will celebrate Veterans Day, honoring all the men and women, living and dead, who have fought for our country. While some schools and businesses are closed for the holiday, others may hold a period Continue reading →

Tell legislators to protect their promise to our workers. Send A Message!

We ask again that you contact your state legislators and the Governor’s office and tell them not to make changes to our workers’ compensation system. As members of the Washington State Association for Justice, we strongly support their efforts in Continue reading →

Workers’ Compensation Under Attack Again!

What can you do?  Call and write to your state Senators and Legislators, as well as Governor Inslee and let them know that you strongly oppose the proposed changes to our workers’ compensation laws. To find the name and contact Continue reading →

Why have an attorney?

Tim came to our office earlier this year about his workers’ compensation claim. He had suffered a pretty serious injury to his ankle and leg and had surgery. His claim was opened, he received time loss compensation, and had returned Continue reading →

Claim closed for more than seven years – are there still benefits available?

Has this happened to you or someone you know? Jack has an on-the-job injury. He files a claim for workers’ compensation benefits and the claim is allowed. His medical treatment was covered, he received time loss compensation, and because he could not Continue reading →

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